Upper Receiver Groups

Product Overview

Upper Receiver Groups are crucial components in firearms, specifically in rifles like the AR-15. These groups include the upper receiver, bolt carrier group, charging handle, and sometimes the barrel. They are integral to the operation, accuracy, and customization of the rifle. Upper Receiver Groups come in various configurations to suit different needs, from tactical applications to hunting and competitive shooting.


  1. Material: Most upper receivers are made from high-quality materials such as 7075-T6 aluminum, ensuring durability and strength.
  2. Barrel Length: Upper Receiver Groups come with varying barrel lengths, typically ranging from 10.5 inches for compact builds to 20 inches for long-range accuracy.
  3. Caliber: Compatible with various calibers, including .223/5.56, .300 Blackout, 6.5 Grendel, and others.
  4. Gas System: Options include carbine, mid-length, and rifle-length gas systems, affecting the recoil and cycling of the firearm.
  5. Handguard: Available with different types of handguards such as M-LOK, KeyMod, and Picatinny rails, providing mounting options for accessories.
  6. Finish: Hardcoat anodized finishes are standard, offering corrosion resistance and a professional appearance.
  7. Bolt Carrier Group (BCG): Often included, with options for different coatings like phosphate, nickel boron, and titanium nitride.
  8. Charging Handle: Typically included, with options for ambidextrous designs to enhance ease of use.
  9. Forward Assist and Dust Cover: Standard features on many upper receivers, contributing to reliability and function in adverse conditions.

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