28 Gauge Sheet Metal

Our 28 gauge sheet metal is an ideal choice for a variety of applications, offering a perfect balance of strength and flexibility. With a thickness of 0.0149 inches (approximately 0.38mm), this sheet metal is lightweight yet durable, making it suitable for projects ranging from automotive repairs to home improvement tasks and DIY crafts.


  • Material: Galvanized Steel / Aluminum / Stainless Steel (choose based on your product)
  • Thickness: 0.0149 inches (0.38mm)
  • Width: Available in multiple widths (specify the widths if necessary)
  • Length: Custom lengths available upon request
  • Finish: Smooth, Rust-resistant, and Easy to Paint
  • Weight per Sheet: Varies based on material and size
  • Corrosion Resistance: High (especially for galvanized and stainless steel options)
  • Applications: Roofing, siding, automotive repair, HVAC, crafts, and more
  • Standards Compliance: ASTM (specific standard depending on the material)

Shop high-quality 28 gauge sheet metal, perfect for various applications including automotive, HVAC, and DIY projects. Available in galvanized, aluminum, and stainless steel. Custom sizes upon request. Order now!

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